Thunderbirds Pinball Machine


Thunderbirds Pinball Machine

Thunderbirds immerses players into all the action of the International Rescue Team, featuring authentic character voices and original theme music.

The playfield includes Tracy Island with its retracting swimming pool and palm trees – just like in the 1960’s classic Thunderbirds TV series – creating a retro look and feel combined with some modern twists.

With the ultimate aim of defeating International Rescue’s nemesis “The Hood”, the multi-level game-play of this machine makes it suitable for both novices and more experienced players alike.


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Electronic Features:

  • Shaker motor
  • Programmable electronic coin mechanism & coin box fitted with licensed collectible Thunderbirds tokens (included)
  • “User Mods” 12V 3A separate power supply included for customers for added lighting etc
  • Optically isolated solenoid drivers to prevent damage to the electronics in case of a coil failure
  • Illuminated flipper buttons
  • Switched, universal mains power service socket
  • Modular electronics design includes numerous test switches and LEDs allowing for fast and easy fault finding
  • Almost all electronics use standard through hole parts NOT surface mount. This means any repairs will not require specialised equipment or knowledge
  • “Real” mechanical knocker mechanism for free game acknowledgement

Cabinet Features:

  • Metal cabinet protectors
  • Under cabinet sacrificial (replaceable) wood slide rails to protect cabinet from damage during moves
  • Soft “feet” to protect your flooring
  • Cabinet is 100% “AA” grade eucalyptus plywood (plantation grown)
  • No MDF, Chipboard or Masonite is used.
  • Swing out DMD panel for easy access to the backbox
  • 2 way illuminated bubble level built into the apron

Thunderbirds Specific Features:

  • Fully operational Tracy Island with slow sliding pool and realistic Thunderbird One launch action leading to multiball
  • Realistic slow action Thunderbird Two ramp leads to right rail and Tracy Island
  • Shaking trees to mimic the action when Thunderbird Two launches

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