Coin Operated Revenue Concepts

Profit / Revenue Share and Rental Equipment for Kids Areas, Bistros, Games Rooms, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Venues, Hotels, Kids Play Centres and Family Entertainment Centres (FEC)

Tap and Go

Our cashless payment solutions provide the patron the opportunity to utilise more payment options. By offering your clientele cashless payments, you are allowing them to be entertained conveniently, by using any credit/debit cards, mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, or traditional cash. This offers convenience and security which in turn will keep people in the venue longer.

Token Change Machines

Our Token Change Machines use the latest technology payment systems to make it simple for your patrons to purchase tokens to play our machines. Tokens can also be incorporated into Party Packages, Meal Deals and more. We provide extra value with bonus tokens, ensuring your clientele stay in the venue longer, and come back more often.

Skill Tester Claw Machines

These machines are a staple of all amusement areas, and provide a lot of fun for all ages. We have a variety of plush toys, balls, and other products that we can use in our machines, in a range of sizes and shapes. Because of this, we can install multiple Claw Machines in the kids room or amusement area with different prizes in each.

Chocolate Machines

Everybody loves chocolate! Our chocolate machines are a great addition to every amusement area. We also place small toys in with the chocolates and lollies to give the players other things to win and play for. No kids room is complete without one.

Instant Win Machines

We have a variety of Instant Win Machines – Capsule Machines, Bouncy Ball Machines, Novelty Machines and more. These are great to guarantee that everyone wins a prize, and no one goes home empty handed.

Free Play Machines

It’s not all about inserting coins or tokens… We can provide games on “Free Play” to keep the kids entertained, and their parents happy!

Amusement Machines

Classic Arcade Games like Daytona, Pinball Machines, Big Buck Hunter, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Air Hockey, Soccer Tables, Pool Tables and others…

Bar Specific Machines

We have a range of touch screen skill and quiz based games that are perfect for Bar areas of venues, along with Texas Hold ‘Em Video Poker Tables, Bocce Video Tables, Pool Tables and more.

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